Selling the Female Orgasm

Everyone has heard that “sex sells” as women become increasingly objectified and ultra-sexualized in media advertisements. But recently ads have taken extreme measures in order to associate everyday products with sex. Our culture has a long time obsession with the mysterious female orgasm. But, according to television advertisements, all you need in order to achieve orgasm nowadays is a pair of shoes or a bottle of shampoo. Herbal Essences’ new tv ad features a young woman washing her hair in the airplane lavatory, an experience so sensual that her moans can be heard throughout the airplane. And the hashtag at the end of the Herbal Essences commercial encourages you to share the story of your #firsttime., a site that sells shoes on a monthly basis features two young girls who couldn’t be out of high school moaning over the tempting image on their laptop which is revealed to be a pair of shoes. Really? This is taking the sexualization of products and the objectification of women to a whole new level. The message is that all it takes to pleasure a woman is clean hair or a pair of shoes. Using the female orgasm to sell products? A new low for advertising. National Advertisement