About: Where I’m coming from

A blog to express what is still going wrong in our society and what needs to be changed.

My name is Sarah and I’m a passionate, chaotic, unique, unstable, unemployed and recently graduated young woman.  I am a feminist and yearn for a world with the opportunity of equality.  Despite my continued disgust and disappointment in society, I have the utmost optimism and faith in humanity and I marvel at the beauty of the world we live in.

Topics I like to explore include feminism and its continued necessity in the modern-day, diversity, travel, culture, and opportunity. I use my writing as an extension of my activism for the rights of the oppressed with a focus on women’s rights, victims and survivors of sexual assault and violence, and individuals with mental illness.

My writing is emotionally driven and serves as a personal outlet for me, an effort to shatter my vulnerabilities and optimize my strengths. I hope that something I produce whispers to somebody, causes someone to pause and think for a second, to start a conversation, or to yell out “Thank the heavens! Someone in this forsaken place knows where I’m coming from!” Maybe it will give someone hope. 



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