Regarding Susan Herbst’s “statement”

According to the UConn Daily Campus, the student-run newspaper at the University of Connecticut, Susan Herbst has issued a statement in response to the atrocious and violent threats toward student Carolyn Luby, albeit a weak and evasive statement. 

“As an institution, the university takes these issues very seriously, supports the right of free speech among all members of our community and stands strongly against harassment or intimidation of any kind.  When a student is subjected to harassment, the university works closely with him or her to provide any resources they many need.” 

In this short, out of context statement (I was unable to find the complete statement or any record of this statement outside of the Daily Campus article) it is not made clear whether the comment on free speech is in reference to Carolyn Luby’s letter to the president or toward the threats made toward Luby.  While I’m comforted that UConn is against harassment or intimidation, I have not seen any evidence of the university’s efforts to prevent or correct these events currently or in the future.  I can not speak for Carolyn Luby, but I would have to imagine that the advice she received from the campus police officers, to which she reported the incidents, who told her to wear a hat and keep a low profile, were not the “resources” she needed.  


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