The World We Live In

This blog has been a long time coming.  There are so many things I see in this world that bug the crap out of me.  “Bug” might be a little too soft of a word.  Frustrate. Anger. Enrage. Piss me the f*** off.  All of the above.  The fact is that we live in a supposedly modern world, full of technology, convenience, growth, prosperity.  We are “developed”. And yet, look at the shit still going on around us.  There is such a vast disparity between the haves and have-nots of our society, but it has all been set up that way.  I’m not talking conspiracy, I’m talking reality.  Our society, our culture, our livelihood is based on putting certain individuals in power and keeping others out of system.  So who is out?

Well, who isn’t? In the case of the United States, unless you happen to be a White, Straight, Christian, Male from the Upper Class you are not in a great position.  If you are, congratulations- you’ve been born with Privilege and Power.  But what about the rest of us? That’s what this blog is about.


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