The Open-Minded, Decent Human Being Club

There has been recent debate about the term “feminism” itself.  Some individuals are fighting for a new, trendier more inclusive name for these beliefs.  “Equalism” perhaps, because most modern day feminists recognize that sexism is not the only type of prejudice and discrimination that is harming our society.  All the “isms”- sexism, racism, religionism, ageism, ableism, heterosexism, classism, financial-statusism, regionism, citizenism, careerism, and anything else you can think of that serves as the basis for putting certain individuals in power and oppressing others needs to be corrected.  


Personally, I think the whole debate is bologna.  Why are we wasting our time coming up with a name instead of working to break down the stigma?  Maybe we can all just join the “Hey, I’m an Open-Minded, Decent Human Being” Club?  The point is that we need a united front, to recognize how many members there are in the Decent Human Being Club and not let the Not-So-Decent Human Beings get us down.  


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